Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Japanese Bathtubs

I love how 'natural' and 'eco' are becoming so trendy in the design world, as well as in retail and the food industry. It is always important to get the details on products since some throw those terms around too loosely, however I find the best part of natural home furnishings is creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility with nature's simple beauty. We tend to forget that in a lot of places, natural is the norm, and somehow we have gotten so far away from that, its good to be back (when possible). 

Japan is setting the trend for modern interiors to incorporate natural elements in beautiful ways.





Each example is open concept, incorporating wood, stone and glass. Outdoor scenery becomes a part of the space, also allowing natural light.

I understand that due to space restrictions and construction barriers this might not be a reaslistic option, however it clearly directs where the focus should be when we are cleansing our bodies and minds. Try to find more natural elements to include in your home. Choose soft, soothing and earthtone colours. Simplify. Go back to nature.  

Oh how I would love to soak in the middle of the room surrounded by nature, rather than tucked away in a corner, concealed by a curtain. We have locked doors for a reason, right?

Do you allow yourself time for a bath?

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