Thursday, 6 September 2012

Current Crush: Zen Garden Sink


The Zen Garden Sink is a more earthy take on the traditional bathroom sink. Trying to maximize the use of our natural resources, Gau Designs & Concepts has constructed a sink which would use the excess water from washing your face or brushing your teeth to water a living plant. I'm not quite certain if some species are recommended versus others. I do know there has been some controversy as to the chemicals that might be washed down the drain, and how they would not in fact help such plant grow. What I do think is that this would be a great opportunity for people to try and live a little greener themselves, aiming to use the most eco-friendly products, for themselves and the environment. Also, wouldn't you love a little bit of green as you splash your face, trying to get ready to face the real world each morning.


Plants are natural air purifiers and boost positive energy indoors.
Brighten up your day!

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Johlet said...

Well it's damn pretty!

Hannah said...

So calming! I could definitely get ready every day with that!

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Nadia from Ethereally Crisp xoxo said...

Cute Blog!




Dalayna Dillon said...

I love it. I have never heard of watering a plant like that, but it is super cool and creative. I would totally go for a sink like that. Following you now via GFC. Hope to connect more with ya soon :D

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted nice stuff for the bathroom. This is perfect for it. Saying hi from CCT. I'm a new follower ;)

Lish said...

Oh wow, I'm feeling relaxed just looking at it :)

Thanks for linking up at Loves on a Thursday! Hope to see you again this week :)

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