Thursday, 13 September 2012

Current Crush: Organic Knits

One thing that I'm super excited about this fall is knits. Christine from Mavy May posted about her Pinterest Fall Fashion finds and I definitely agree with her style.

Getting even more fashion inspiration from fellow bloggers, Meg at For All Things Lovely posted about her casual self in this knitted top. I love the belted look too.

I always make an effort to at least look for more 'natural' options and materials. Wool or Cotton versus a polyester blend. Rather than quantity, I find myself looking more and more for quality pieces.

What are your favourite knit details? Is it the scarf to add to any outfit, the big warm button-up sweater or are you going to try and find a way to dress it up a little?
Knit Fashion

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Anonymous said...

I love your crush! Knits are my number one favorite way to keep warm in the winter. I like how it goes with everything and can be dressy and casual.

I definitely agree on the quality of quantity. My favorite is the second sweater but the hat is a close second.

Niki Caron said...

That second sweater is so gorgeous! I love that it's not quite what you'd expect from a sweater. it's beautiful!

Lindsay said...

Oh my I am all about knits right now. Such good inspiration!

Johlet said...

Stunning knits!

Elle Sees said...

looking forward to chunky knits!

Kristen Wright said...

i'm loving the last sweater pic!!! omg i'd die for these! a little to hot for texas :( very cool to look for more organic!!! thanks for linking up! can't wait to see what you are crushing this week!!!!!

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