Monday, 18 June 2012

Euro, Euro!

As many of you may or may not know, Euro Cup 'Football' 2012 has begun. If you're a sports fan, you already know. But, if you didn't even know that they call soccer 'football' in most other places around the world than I'm going to shed some light on the event. The most crucial piece of information to know is that there will be a lot of crazy partying by one of the teams at the end of each match. With the Euro Cup happening once every four years, teams are anxious for some playing time and so are the fans. Now, whether you're American, Canadian, British or Spanish you can get in on the action for a taste of Europe. Literally.

This weekend Greece (so that means Greek people and fans around the world) were celebrating their most recent win. Living around Toronto I had the opportunity to venture into 'Greek Town' on the Danforth. I always love going there for Souvlaki or Gyros.

Saturday night I stopped by a patio for some Saganaki (that famous flambéed cheese). This is me on the patio, with live music playing in the backround, flowers around (and in my hair) and just a warm atmosphere all together.

Walking the streets we stopped for gelato, which is so very typical of the european lifestyle. In Europe they tend to emphasize the enjoyment aspect rather than the mere consumption. So, for enjoyment's sake I got the white chocolate as well as the chocolate hazelnut gelato. What? They're small scoops. Very refreshing for a warm summer's night.

Don't you just love taking advantage of these opportunities? What is your favourite European experience?

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