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Tips for Gorgeous, Healthier Hair, Part 2

Emily Meyers has completed her 10 Tips for Gorgeous, Healthier Hair on her blog Life, etc. with tips 6 through 10 (#1-5 found here). Below are the basic elements but check out her blog for the full details as well as many more beauty tips and to see what she's up to next.

#6. Diet

#7. Brushing and Maintenance
#8. Styling

#9. Good Product and Washing

#10. Trimming and Cutting
 More on Hair Care
I'm a big fan of Leave-in Conditioner. Since I used to lifeguard, I'd have chlorine and humidity attacking my hair so I got in the routine of putting in a leave-in conditioner when getting out of the pool, beach water and even the bath or shower. Work it into the ends in particular and pass it through the rest of your hair. If you're prone to oily hair (at least at the front/roots like me) focus on your ends and you can forget about the rest. There are some products that emphasize split-end repair as well. Emily mentions that regular trims are the best way to get trid of split ends, however once they're gone I think it's very important to strengthen and moisturize your hair to prevent breakage. Here are a few products that I've tried.  




I'm using up the products I already have (which is still a lot since I like trying new things) and now making a concious effort to buy new products that are organic and chemical-free. 

Most professional hair care product lines are introducing their own 'eco' line of products. They are making strong efforts to provide products free from artificial fragrances, silicones, paraffin/mineral oils and parabens. Aim for ‘as natural as possible’, making the best choice based on what's available.

Live Clean is a Canadian company and unfortunately has not made its product line readily available in the US. For those of you North of the border, its formulations are made with a minimum of 96% replenishable, renewable and sustainable plant ingredients. This premium line of eco-friendly personal care products has no harsh chemicals or preservatives, promotes sustainability, is cruelty free and gluten free. Although you wouldn't eat it (even though they smell so good), some people with severe gluten intolerances should avoid gluten in all products.

My sister and I have been using this for a while now (just need to clear up my other product hoarding), and LOVE the fact that there's no guilt shampooing in the river at our cottage because their formulae are made with biodegradable ingredients and do not contain phosphates, which can have a negative effect on aquatic life.


They even have an Exotic Nectar Argan Oil line of products, which you might have heard are all the rave.

Argan oil is an ancient beauty secret used for its highly concentrated natural source of vitamin E and antioxidant properties. Live Clean Exotic Nectar has been enriched with 100% pure Argan Oil for enhanced long-term conditioning, shine and UV protection.


Ingredients and Features

  •  100% pure argan oil and argan extract provide enhanced long term conditioning, shine and UV protection
  • Panthenol provides long lasting moisture and shine
  • Certified organic botanical olive oil protects against damaging free radicals
  • Certified organic grape seed oil helps to regenerate and restructure damaged and stressed hair

Some of the large commercial corporations are taking advantage of our desire for healthy and 'exotic' hair and are trying to cut costs by using chemicals as harsh as formaldehyde. Take the time to research your products because you want something that will make you healthy all around.

I will keep an eye out for other natural products, however every little bit counts. Feel better about your hair and your the choices you make.

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