Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Another segment of Oh, How Pinteresting!, linking up with Michelle from The Vintage Apple.

So, I found myself very hungry while on Pinterest this week. With inspiration like Quinoa Sushi, which just sounds geniuns and Gluten-Free Potato Flatbread to house smoked salmon or other spreadables...who can resist. Now, if I could only spend more time in the kitchen and less on Pinterest, ha!



Heather from The Lovely Cupboard posted a recipe for Orzo with Lemon Cream Sauce. She always has amazing recipes. Check out her blog for more recipes. You won't be sorry...probably just hungry.

Also, if you didn't see I posted a super easy rice recipe, which is as basic as rice and herbed cream cheese. Check it out here.

Moving from one addiction to the next...




And a little something I will try to keep in the back of my mind,


Have a beautiful day! You might have to work to make it happen but it will be worth it.

If you like to see what else I find on Pinterest, follow along. 

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Johlet said...

Thank you now I am hungry!!!
Sushi for dinner sounds like a good idea!


Jen Kluftinger said...

Nice finds!! Following your pins now :)


MartinRMeyers said...

Hey there! I just added myself to your followers for support, and I wanted to invite you to follow back maybe and check out awesome Gift-card Giveaway I’m having right now!

Hope to see you there, and thank you!

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