Friday, 13 July 2012

Photographic Memory

So, my boyfriend's cousin flew in from Europe last night. We have gone the past two summers to visit his family and I feel like I'm right at home. Oh, how I love Europe and all it's traditions. Plus, everyone is so welcoming. Growing up with an older sister (who tortured picked on me) I now feel as though I have a younger sister whom I can love and support and who can look up to me for guidance (no pressure, right).

This is Ana. This is Ana taking the bull by the horns. Well, she's about to. This is your reminder to take the bull by the horns in your own life and steer your life in the direction that you want. I'm working on taking my own advice.

Make it a memorable weekend and remember, create your own destiny.  
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Alyssa said...

Europe is so great!! I love the buildings! They are absolutely beautiful!!! I'm taking the bull by the horns!!! (: Have an awesome weekend!!

Mademoiselle S. said...

Lovely post! <3


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