Monday, 16 July 2012

Gettin' Lucky

No, my weekend wasn't that least not to share so much about.

What I did want to share was that I have been super lucky with some giveaways and I have two lovely ladies to thank for lifting my spirits and for some amazing prizes.

Through Rebekah's blog Rose Petal Dreamer, I won Fashion Tape from her Very First Giveaway. She knows exactly what a girl needs. This will come in handy for some shirts that just don't fit 100%. You know the ones where the buttons around the bust get all out of place. This will smooth things over. Also, I have a dress or two that need at bit of extra help staying in place so that I don't reveal too much. Sorry to disappoint, again. Ha!

Also, Brittney from Yellow Umbrella offered several prizes including Ad Space, Motivational Prints, Floral Postcards and I won the personalized stationary from her Rainy Day Giveaway. She also has an Etsy shop where you can get her unique and personalized pieces for yourself.

I'll definitely be sharing more once I receive the pieces and try them out. Stop by their blogs and say Hi. They're the sweetest girls.

I hope you all have high spirits and are ready to conquer the world this Monday morning. I see a bright future ahead with a world of opportunity. Make it yours.

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Yellow Umbrella said...

I am so glad you won the personalized cards! Thanks for the mention and the sweet words!

Johlet said...

Seems like luck really is on your side! Send some this way please! :)


Nicholl Vincent said...

you lucky gal!

come say hi at

have a great day!

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