Thursday, 16 August 2012

Photographic Memory

I'm a sailor, I sail. 

Ok, maybe not quite.

I am praying for clear skies, a warm breeze and good health this weekend as we meet up with family for an annual tradition of setting sail on Lake Huron. I love the feeling of being out on the water without any land in sight, or at least not within swimming distance. Don't get me wrong, I love laying on the beach but being out on the water it such an amazing feeling.

For something a little more daring there's the Catamaran and the speed boat :)

Make it a memorable weekend and I hope you have clear skies and strong sails.
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Brighton Harper said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

I've always wanted to said but the closet I've come is taking a fishing boat on a local fishing hole. Maybe someday :)

Leslie Gilmore said...

Hope the weekend is perfect for you!! Have fun!!

Laura said...

Have a great time!

Jennifer Hanson said...

My hubby and I just went sailing today... it was amazing.

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