Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Alright, so I admit I am still new to this whole blog/Pinterest thing. I thought I had more figured out than I really did. I was taking the longest route possible to add my Pinterest pins to my Oh How Pinteresting posts...and then Michelle (from The Vintage Apple) saved my life. She shared her Oh, How Pinteresting FAQs which reveals the simple steps to get your pins to your post. Hallelujah.  

So, without further ado...

If you haven't yet, check out my meat-filled rendition of a veggie burger. Perfect for the BBQ. Enjoy the rest of the's not over yet! :)

Also linking up with Brooke for Pin-spiration.

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Amy Powell said...

that first color is just oh so pretty! and I'll definitely be checking out your veggie burgers. looks yummy!

<3 Amy @ Interpret As You May

{giveaway going on now, would love to see you!!}

Kym said...

OOOO i love the nail design!!! Although i must admit, i'm not the best with nails... usually the left side looks better than the right. Haha!

Yellow Umbrella said...

Lovin' the beach pictures!

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