Friday, 5 October 2012

Photographic Memory

Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Although the seasons are quickly changing and I often wonder where the time goes. We're often reminded to make the most of our time and enjoy every minute of it. I am thankful for every day and for the opportunity to make it what I want.

To those of you celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, I hope you're all lucky enough to spend time with your family, large or small, are blessed with good health and big appetites! I know I'll be carving into some turkey.

Make it a memorable weekend and be thankful.
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Niki Caron said...

It's so true. This year has flown by, I think we all have to take time to take things slow and appreciate the little things because before we know it, it's another day... or year!

Happy Thanksgiving Michaela! Enjoy some turkey for me!

Laura said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

Biljana Tipsarevic said...

Happy Thanksgiving, what a beautiful text and great photo :-)

huda said...

nice pic

Yellow Umbrella said...

It's kinda not fair that your Thanksgiving is before ours! I am in desperate need of holiday food. haha Hope you had a good holiday!

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